How many tinnies can you fit in the boot of a Buick?

If you could have answered that question you would have won yourself an all American Buick. As one of the title sponsors for this year’s Laneway Festival, Budweiser were looking to giveaway a car and to promote their brand. To gain attention for the offer, a Megadeck car display stage was used to heighten and accentuate the product. The robust Megadeck steel stages are often used for car displays because of their inherently strong design. Flexible enough to be used in any setting but sturdy enough to withstand any weight loads.

When it comes to brand awareness and gaining the attention of passers-by, a car display stage was ideal. Tailored to suit any location, event or company branding. The Megadeck car display stage was situated outdoors, painted red and built to suit the custom length of the vehicle. Each of these elements have their own set of challenges but with Megadeck’s years of experience, each of them were dealt with ease. The outdoor setting required the car display stage to be level. By using Megadecks adjustable stage legs meant the platform was flat and safe. Acknowledging the company theming and colours required Megadeck to clad the stage in the exact colour match to ensure brand consistency. The modular design of Megadeck stages allows for an infinite number of combinations to suit any shape and size object. Accommodating a longer than usual vehicle was no trouble at all.

Our trained and experienced crew can quickly and easily install and dismantle a car display stage no matter what the location or vehicle. To see similar examples of the Megadeck steel stage and how they are used as car display stages, simply visit our website and view the steel stages in our products category.
Photo Credit: Jack Bennett – Life Without Andy