Megadeck Staging was born from a love of theatre, and well, staging. Theatre staging, drama blocks, podiums, have all been used to showcase artistic talent throughout the years, but many wooden drama stages can be old and tatty.

Theatre staging megadeck city of angels musiclal melbourne

Theatre staging drama blocks by Megadeck for City of Angels Musical at Arts Centre Melbourne Credit Ben Fon

This is where Megadeck comes in. Not only do we provide safe and sturdy staging that is easy to set up, Megadeck staging is also extremely versatile. A few Megadecks and some accompanying steps can elevate the star of your show to new heights.

theatre staging megadeck city of angels musical melbourne

Theatre Staging Drama Blocks by Megadeck for City of Angels Musical at Arts Centre Melbourne Credit Ben Fon

The Broadway 1989 classic musical, City of Angels, premiered at the Arts Centre in Melbourne in November, and it was well received by the public and theatre critics alike. It tells a classic story of a 1940s detective who sets out to solve a simple mystery, and ends up getting tangled up in the lives of those he is sleuthing. It is both a Hollywood comedy and a detective drama.

Megadeck provided the theatre staging and podiums, as well as access steps for the actors to access the stage from off set. As Megadeck Staging is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, it can easily be swapped around when a set needs changing. We also provide the side fascia (side panels) to cover the sides of the stage and give a seamless and professional look.

Al images courtesy of Ben Fon.

For a review of the musical, please follow the link to the Herald Sun article.