In addition to the diverse range of disabled access ramp options already offered by Megadeck Staging Systems Australia, comes the Megadeck Wheel Chair Lifter.

This fully automatic lifting platform is purpose built for providing accessibility to stages and landings up to 1 metre in height. The wheel chair lifter is electronically operated for ongoing use and includes an internal battery for operating periods of up to 3 hours. Complete with inbuilt folding ramp for easy entry and guard rails for safety, it is the most versatile option for accommodating anyone requiring temporary accessibility to a rostra or venue stage.


Always looking for areas of improvement, Megadeck Australia saw that in most venues limited floor space made providing adequate wheel chair accessibility an issue. Often the correct gradient required for a wheel chair ramp to meet the Building Codes of Australia determined a length and width that was impractical for some venues. This is highlighted in venues with a reasonably high stage height of 600mm or greater because of the necessary length required for a disabled access.


To alleviate this issue, Megadeck have introduced into their staging inventory the Megadeck Wheel Chair Lifter. The compact yet highly versatile lifter allows for easy access onto any venue stage up to 1 metre in height. By virtue of design, the wheel chair lifter can be positioned anywhere around an existing stage, providing the user flexibility to enter and exit from any side of the stage they so choose.


Installed in a matter of minutes, not hours, the wheel chair lifter allows for prompt installation and removal which is of particular importance to venues where multiple events are hosted in one day. The wheel chair lifter is mobile and compact meaning it can be wheeled into any sized lift and easily transported between spaces.


Our professionally trained crew can not only deliver and assemble the wheel chair lifter anywhere you require but provide a detailed demonstration in how to operate the lifter. This allows the venue manger or user to feel confident in operating procedures and all safety measures.


For more information, simply visit our Products page for details and specifications.