Fashion runways are often used with dramatic backgrounds to accentuate the brand or theme of the collection. Megadeck understands this which is way we offer a wide variety of runways that can be installed in any location with any finish. This particular runway for OPPO was installed in water, spanning the length of a roof top pool with an all opal acrylic finish.

The location had to be outdoors and one with great views which although sounds impressive, it is not always the most practical option for hosting an event. To reach the rooftop meant using tight stairwells, small lifts and negotiating tricky passage ways. However none of these obstacles posed any real concern simply because Megadeck has so many different sized stage pieces that it is easy to use a selection of smaller stages to accommodate the limitations of any venue.

Getting the runway from ground level to roof top is one thing but working within very strict time frames is another. For this reason, Megadeck prepare as much work as possible in-house prior to installation so as to speed up the set up and pack down process which makes it easier for the venue to get ready for the next event and to take the pressure of event coordinators knowing that the runway is half completed before it even arrives onsite.

Once the runway is securely positioned in the pool by our trained technicians, it is time to work of the styling. For a sleek runway, the opal acrylic material makes for a great finish with its high gloss sheen and easy application. To encase the runway, all side fascia’s are attached and angled stage trim is applied around all the corners and fixtures, ensuring a clean and tidy look.

If you are looking for a runway for your next fashion event, simply talk to the Megadeck team and we can discuss styles, sizes, colours and locations so as to make your show a real stand out.