When it comes to arriving on stage, the simple option of standard access can be a little underwhelming when making an entrance. Why not enter with style by using Megadeck Australia’s curved tivoli stairs.


The serpentine shape of the stairs come in modular sections meaning a range of sizes are available to account for various stage lengths and venue specifications. The curved tivoli stairs can be as short as 4.8 meters in length and span up to 9.6 meters. This provides the flexibility needed to be useful in multiple venue settings.


One of the key features of the curved tivolis stairs is the versatility of having them finished in any colour of your choosing and the option of illuminating them. The stairs can be painted in any given colour so as to accentuate the stairs leading up to a stage and to tie in with specific colour theme of any given event. Removable panels between each step allows for acrylic inserts to be applied and creates the opacity required for back lighting and illuminating the stairs.


Megadeck can install the curved tivoli stairs to match in-house venue staging or provide additional staging for a consistent style. What can be done to the wavy stairs can be done to the standard Megadeck stage pieces. This provides a uniform look and extension of the overall stage for guests and performers alike.


To look at similar examples simply visit our website and explore the Products section to see how different stage finishes can be applied to a range of staging items. Alternatively call one of three conveniently located offices in N.S.W, VIC or QLD to discuss your events needs with one of our friendly staff members.