With Christmas just around the corner it is a popular time for choirs and choir riser staging. Megadeck provides all manner of choral risers that are suitable for any number of performers.


Aside from the obvious viewing advantages that a tired riser provides for performers and guests alike, there is much more to a performance stage then meets the eye. First and foremost is safety. When accommodating large numbers of people in concentrated spaces, the cumulative weight becomes a challenge and one that is best dealt with by having strong and stable platforms. The nature of choir risers and any tired risers for that matter tends to place a tremendous amount of weight on the very first tier of any multi-level staging. This is because the overlapping tiers add the weight of each subsequent level to the first. Megadeck accounts for this by using our robust steel stages on the very first level of any tiered riser because of their superior weight loading capacity. Often choir risers are placed on top of traditional in-house venue stages because choirs tend to be behind an orchestra or other performers. This means a concentrated point load pressure is placed on the existing stage and must be accounted for. Megadeck understands this all too well and provide additional support structures when building staging of this nature.


When you hire or purchase Megadeck staging for your event, you are not simply using an Australian made product that is tailored to your needs but gaining the experience and expertise of a company that lives and breathes staging. All of this comes into play when a stage for your event is constructed soundly and quickly, giving you the peace of mind needed when focusing on the many other elements of event production or event management.

To see what makes the Megadeck steel stage so strong simply visit http://megadeckstaging.com/project/steel-deck/

Photo Credit: Giovanni Portelli